TX woman indicted for trafficking 16-year-old for sex on new sex site

TX woman indicted for trafficking 16-year-old for sex on new sex site
Linda Michelle Dooley

38-year-old Linda Michelle Dooley, aka Gucci, has been indicted for trafficking a 16-year-old girl for sex on a Backpage replacement website. The Texarkana, Texas woman is said to have advertised the 16-year-old on a website called Skipthegames for $200 a ‘date’ and expected the girl to have at least five dates.

After the fall of Backpage, a number of websites tried to take Backpage’s place. A number of them fell by the wayside but Skipthegames has survived. I’ve known about this site for a while but I didn’t want to post anything about it until I had to and a 16-year-old girl being trafficked means I have to. Compared to Backpage, Skipthegames seems to be even more lawless as I’ve heard tales of the site’s users being ripped off by the site when they’ve tried to place ads. Skipthegames is also based in The Netherlands, naturally, so law enforcement probably has a tougher time of getting cooperation from the site. Users of the site in America don’t seem to have any qualms about what their advertising as many of the ads are graphic and very blatant about what they’re selling. On Skipthegames’ about page, they say they take every precaution to prevent minors from being peddled on their site but they don’t go into detail about how they supposedly accomplish that. I’m unaware if they have the same or comparable reach in the United States that craigslist or Backpage did before them. Since I’m not seeing as many stories with Skipthegames as I have with the others I’m going to assume they don’t yet. But back to the story at hand.

Dooley allegedly kept most if not all the money from her victim. And the saddest part of all…

“It appeared that she was not fully aware that she was being trafficked for sex. (The alleged victim) has resolved herself to the belief that this was simply a cost associated with making her own way.”

Dooley is looking at a potential life sentence if convicted.

TXK Today
Texarkana Gazette

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