Did Carina Saunders know she was going to be killed?

Did Carina Saunders know she was going to be killed?

The other day, I posted about possible new leads in the investigation of Carina Saunder’s murder. It turns out one of these new leads was something that was already reported years ago. In my previous post, I mentioned that someone messaged a friend of Carina saying “I’m going to bury you next to Carina.” It turns out that this was old news that I even posted about back in 2016. The person who allegedly sent that message was a man by the name of Kyle Savage who has been a person of interest in the investigation. Now, investigators are said to be combing through Savage’s social media accounts for any potential evidence.

However, a new item was revealed in a recent search warrant that was filed by the OSBI. According to the search warrant, Carina had messaged a friend stating…

“I was beat up by two guys a week or two ago,” and “that her friend’s mom was coming to pick her up”.

This was two months before her murder. It’s long been believed that Carina was murdered by a drug and prostitution ring.

It’s not unusual for pimps and traffickers to use violence to intimidate the women ‘working’ for them to keep working for them.

I don’t know if any of this recent information is bringing justice any closer for Carina but I sure hope so.

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