School shooting in Russia leaves gunman and student dead

School shooting in Russia leaves gunman and student dead
Photo by Sebastian Pociecha on Unsplash

This past Thursday was a busy day in the world of school shootings. Not only was Jesse Osborne sentenced to life without parole for his role in the Townville Elementary School shooting but the Saugus High School shooting also took place.  It seems that this tragic day was not just limited to America as a fatal school shooting also took place in Russia.

19-year old Daniil Zasorin smuggled a 12 gauge shotgun under his coat before opening fire on the Amur College of Construction where he attended in Blagoveshchensk. Zasorin killed a 19-year-old male student then took the coward’s way out before he could be apprehended by police. He was also said to have left an audio message on his social media…

“Nobody of those that will be blamed on telly could stop what will happen,” he said. “Understand? So think in this direction. Of course, it’s a pity why it has to be me. Why it has to be here. Why it has to be now.”

While it reads like something may have been lost in the translation, Zasorin sounds like another Columbine copycat to me. Another unoriginal failure who sought infamy through the cowardice of armed violence. Apparently, this not an exclusive trait of America even though we’re the world leaders in it by far.

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