Townville Elementary shooter sentenced to LWOP

Townville Elementary shooter sentenced to LWOP

During 17-year-old Jesse Osborne’s sentencing hearing, his half-brother testified that their father was a mean drunk who would starve Jesse as punishment and would often beat Jesse with the proverbial switch. That testimony may have carried some weight if Osborne was only guilty of killing his own father, which he did. Osborne was also guilty of killing 6-year-old Jacob Hall when Osborne opened fire on Townville Elementary School in South Carolina.

Prior to the 2016 shooting, Osborne took a hatchet to school and told the school resource officer, “I’m going to do Columbine better.”  He was expelled from that school for this stunt. Osborne is also said to have taken pleasure in animal abuse…

Psychiatrist James Ballenger said he also was shocked when Osborne recounted pulling wings off crickets so they would be helpless as ants attacked; shooting dogs with a pellet gun, and throwing frogs against concrete.

On the same day that the shooting at Saugus High School took place, Osborne was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole. His defense has 10 days to appeal which they claimed they would.

While some may be upset that such a young man was sentenced to life abhorrent, let’s not forget that Osborne not only planned out this shooting but shared his plans with friends over the internet. He also streamed the shooting on Skype to his friends. He also videoed himself combing his hair saying that he has to  “look fabulous” during the school shooting.

I hate to sound morbid but if Osborne had stopped the killing at his father a jury may have been more sympathetic and he might not have been charged as an adult. However, like many losers before and after him, he thought he could make up for his inadequacies by taking up the coward’s weapon.

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