Man from MeetMe tries to kidnap baby


Man from MeetMe tries to kidnap baby

Back in the MySpace days, a site called MyYearbook was created as a high school age alternative to MySpace. Since then, mostly through corporate acquisition, it’s become more of an adult hook up site called MeetMe. As with most hook up and dating platforms, MeetMe has its share of creeps as a mother from the state of Washington recently found out.

The woman is said to have met 24-year-old Thomas Lanier over MeetMe and invited him to her home. Lanier allegedly told the woman to shower up because he “wanted her to be clean.”

Well, if that wasn’t creeptastic enough when the woman came out of the shower her 1-year-old daughter was gone. She found Lanier walking down the street with the child in his arms. He reportedly tried playing it off as someone else took the girl and he ‘rescued’ her. When the woman called for help, Lanier allegedly put his arm around the woman’s throat and threatened her life.  Thankfully, a neighbor intervened and Lanier is said to have run off. According to police, Lanier has even tried blaming the woman saying that she was part of some kind of robbery scheme.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is why you don’t hook up with strangers from the internet, especially if there are kids in the home. Especially with someone from a site like MeetMe that has garnered its own reputation for being a site full of creeps. While it’s not quite on the level of Kik, MeetMe still a pretty dangerous place.

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