Columbiner sentenced for Ohio bar bomb plot

Columbiner sentenced for Ohio bar bomb plot
Elizabeth Lecron

I originally posted about Elizabeth Lecron here. The 24-year-old Lecron was arrested last year for plotting a bomb attack against a bar in Toldeo, Ohio. Lecron and her boyfriend were arrested back in December of last year when authorities discovered bomb-making materials in her home.

Last month, Lecron was sentenced to 15-years behind bars and a lifetime of supervised probation. In my original post, I noted how Lecron not only corresponded with Dylann Roof, the gunman of the Charleston Church shooting but also posted on Tumblr about her obsession with the Columbine cowards of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. It turns out that her Columbine fascination was not just on Tumblr as her and her boyfriend made the trip from Toledo to Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado. In one year, Columbine had 2400 unauthorized individuals visit the school grounds as some kind of twisted pilgrimage to their murder mecca. The FBI was able to search the home while the pair were in Colorado.

Lecron says she regrets her actions and looks forward to receiving mental health treatment. I hope she is sincere in her claims. However, I think that this goes to show that people who sympathize with the Columbine cowards are in desperate need of mental health treatment.

UPDATE 12/17/2019: On December 10th, Lecron’s former boyfriend and cohort Vincent Armstrong was sentenced to six years in prison for his role in the plot.  According to testimony, Armstrong was the lackey in the plot and Lecron was the ringleader. Or in other terms, he was the Dylan Klebold to Lecron’s Eric Harris.

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