Waukesha student shot by SRO was tired of being picked on

Waukesha student shot by SRO was tired of being picked on
Tyrone Smith

The student who was shot by the School Resource Officer at Waukesha South High School has been identified and his name is Tyrone Smith. Smith was 17 at the time of the shooting and has been charged as an adult with several weapons-related offenses. He has since turned 18. Not only was Smith actually armed with a pellet gun, but he was actually carrying two pellet guns. If you’ll recall, Smith had pointed one of the realistic-looking guns at a classmate and allegedly refused to drop his weapon when instructed by police. The police officer in question states that Smith removed his hand from his sweatshirt pocket with the gun in hand. The officer felt that his life was in danger and fired on Smith.

Now, reports are saying that Smith took the pellet guns to school because he was tired of being picked on by other students. He also said that he wanted to use the guns to scare people who had picked on him. And this is how the myth of the bullied school shooter perpetuates. If you look at pictures of Smith he is a physically imposing individual. He didn’t need to reach for replicas of the coward’s weapon to resolve his issues. All he probably needed was some confidence. I know that’s easy for me to say now that I have the confidence I wish I had back in school but here we are. Instead, he made the wrong choice and will now probably have to spend a few years in jail for his actions.

NBC 15 Madison

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