Oshkosh student who stabbed SRO held on $1M bail

Oshkosh student who stabbed SRO held on $1M bail
Grant Fuhrman

Last week, you may remember the story about how a Wisconsin high school student was shot by a School Resource Offer. No, not that one, the other one. This was the one that happened at Oshkosh West High School where 16-year-old Grant Fuhrman allegedly stabbed the school’s resource officer. The SRO drew his gun and fired on Fuhrman striking him once.

Now, besides the suspect’s identity, it turns out that more information about the incident has been released. Furhman is said to have used a barbecue fork that he took from his kitchen to try to stab School Resource Officer Mike Wissink. Furhman was allegedly trying to get the gun from Wissink to either shoot himself or Wissink although the motive behind the incident is said to have nothing to do with Wissink at all.

Fuhrman is said to have texted a female classmate back in October that he planned on stabbing Wissink to take his gun. The girl did not report the text but the night before the attack she told Fuhrman to stop bothering her or she would report him. Furhman is being held on $1M bail. I haven’t heard as of yet whether or not he will be tried as an adult.

In my opinion, with the way it’s being reported here, it sounds like Fuhrman was friend-zoned by this girl and somehow thought that committing s shooting would either impress her or make her feel guilty for rejecting him. That’s wild speculation on my part but it’s what my gut tells me. How did I come to that conclusion? When I was this kid’s age I was the king of the friend-zone before it even had a name. While I may have crossed an etiquette line because of it, I never thought that shooting someone would make someone else like me.

Take it from someone who had his mail forwarded to the friend-zone when he was in high school. Move on. It’s not worth wasting your time trying to change someone’s mind who never will and it’s definitely not worth going to jail over. Then you’ll wish you were still in the friend-zone.


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