Ga. Kik kreeper allegedly wanted to drug and rape relative

Ga. Kik kreeper allegedly wanted to drug and rape relative
Jason Musgrove

39-year-old Jason Musgrove of Lincoln County, Georgia, is a Kik kreeper for the ages. What this man is accused of is beyond reprehensible. This is one of those posts where I think it’s best that I warn you it’s about to get super-ugly.

Musgrove was arrested by the FBI after he allegedly shared images of child porn on the mobile messaging app Kik. If that wasn’t bad enough, Musgrove was said to be sharing explicit photos of a minor female relative that he had taken with a spycam. In an incest themed chat room on Kik, Musgrove reportedly mentioned that he had plans for drugging and raping the girl…

“I want to be prepared with the proper ingredients for a good night cocktail!” Musgrove allegedly said, according to Godbee. “Right now I’m looking at mixing some cherry NyQuil into a Dr. Pepper.”

There are even more disturbing details at one of the articles linked below. I’ll let you decide if you really want to know them.

I really have nothing else to add except my usual tagline about how Kik is full of sex offenderspedophiles, and child porn collectors. If your kid is using this app, I would recommend deleting it immediately and enacting parental controls so they can’t download it again.


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