NC man convicted and sentenced for 2016 craigslist killing of pregnant woman

NC man convicted and sentenced for 2016 craigslist killing of pregnant woman
Tevin Vann

27-year-old Tevin Vann of Wilmington, North Carolina was recently convicted and sentenced to life without parole for a disturbing 2016 murder. Vann brutally murdered 21-year-old Ashley Ann McLean who was in her first trimester at the time. McLean was beaten and stabbed and died from a lacerated liver according to the autopsy.

Vann confessed to killing McLean after an argument ensued over money for a “prostitution proposal,” a search warrant states. According to Odham, Vann contacted McLean through an ad she posted on Craigslist.

This was long after craigslist got rid of their adult services section yet human trafficking continued to happen on their website. Even with craigslist being trimmed back to only its missed connections section as far as adult ads are concerned, thinly-veiled ads for trafficking and prostitution still occur. You’d think with only one section to monitor craigslist might do something about ads like this. However, even after all these years they still barely lift a finger to moderate their site.

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