Did MeetMe allow a sex offender to become a VIP?


Did MeetMe allow a sex offender to become a VIP?

Just the other day I made a post about a lawsuit filed against dating and social app MeetMe. The suit states that MeetMe has a staff of 350 people that screen its users against databases of known sex offenders. The plaintiff in the lawsuit states that MeetMe lured her adult son into a false sense of security when it came to meeting people from MeetMe. Her sone was brutally murdered by a man he had met on the platform. In that post, I stated that the lawsuit didn’t really have any merit. I may need to change my opinion on that.

Recently, The Washington Post published an article about MeetMe and how their screening process allegedly failed on a serious level. According to the post, they made one of their users a VIP streamer while the user was on the Illinois sex offender registry. The streamer in question had just been released from prison this past February and had been convicted of molesting a 15-year-old when he was 20. Popular streamers can make money from the platform because fans are allowed to tip the streamers using MeetMe’s virtual currency, much like how Twitch streamers can make money from ‘bits’.

So how did this streamer rise to such prominence while reportedly circumventing MeetMe’s screening process? He used a different last name than the one that appears on the sex offender registry. That’s it. That’s all it supposedly took to fool a staff of 350 screeners and MeetMe’s “combination of technology and human interaction to ensure compliance and spot anomalies.”

While the streamer in question has not been charged with any additional crimes since his release, to my knowledge, he should have been stopped at MeetMe’s front gate by their own standards. If you’re going to tout yourself as a safer alternative to other dating apps you better have a system in place that can’t be fooled by such an obvious trick.

Thanks to The Friendly Bear for the tip.

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