Kik kreeper recorded kids for the enjoyment of others

Kik kreeper recorded kids for the enjoyment of others
Travis John Kraemer

42-year-old Travis John Kraemer of Idaho Falls is a real piece of work. He’s accused of allegedly sharing child porn on the mobile messaging app Kik, but it’s much worse than that sounds.

Kraemer is said to have used a hidden camera to record children without their knowledge before sharing the videos on Kik. He claims that he made the videos because “he gets turned on by other people getting turned on by what he has.” He also reportedly said, “he videoed (a girl) for other people’s sexual gratification and not his own.” So doesn’t that mean he did get turned on because other people got turned on? Ugh. It’s like a pedo paradox.

If that wasn’t enough, Kraemer is also accused of allegedly drugging and raping a female relative. In the article I linked to, the victim is described as a woman so I’m assuming she’s an adult. Not that it matters since what Kraemer allegedly did to her is beyond reprehensible.

Again, Kik is the preferred app of sex offenderspedophiles, and child porn collectors. If anyone I knew had this app on their phone I would probably assume they were one of the three.

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