IL high school student found with bomb-making materials studied Columbine

IL high school student found with bomb-making materials studied Columbine

Around Thanksgiving, a 15-year-old student at Batavia High School in Batavia, Illinois, was arrested after he was found to allegedly be in possession of bomb-making materials. According to a police search warrant, they found…

…sodium azide, a compound used in vehicle air bags and bombs; thermite, which is used in improvised hand grenades; PVC piping with small “wick-sized” holes cut into the end of three pipes; high and low voltage electronics and switches used to detonate bombs; lab equipment; and numerous chemicals and compounds used to make bombs.

Authorities were notified by a science supply store that contacted the FBI.

Investigators also found a receipt for ball bearings that are often used as shrapnel in homemade bombs, The student was also said to have studied Columbine because of course, he did. He was also said to have social media accounts that were related to Anti-Semitism and Nazism. Let’s not leave out that the student was also allegedly researching blueprints of the school.

The student reportedly tried claiming that the bombs were going to be set off in the woods and that his Nazi accounts were just ‘jokes’ with friends. Ah yes, the joke that hasn’t gotten old in the past 20 years and has never been funny at all.

Thank God for an astute science store employee or we might have been looking at a pretty brutal attack. And once again it has to be asked where were the parents when all these bombs were supposedly being assembled? This doesn’t sound like it was exactly a small scale operation. Not to mention I wonder how many of his humorous Nazi friends were in on ‘the joke’.

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