Mass. Kik kreeper wanted a mother to play with her child


Unfortunately, I can’t post about every sex offenderpedophile, and child porn collector from Kik even though it seems like I have been today. Usually, the kreeper in question either has to say something incredibly stupid to police, or they have to be one of the vilest creatures to ever slither upon the earth. This story is all of the latter and none of the former.

35-year-old Mark Dymek of Weymouth, Massachusetts was arrested for allegedly trying to set up a child sex deal on mobile messaging app Kik. Dymek was said to be communicating with a woman on Kik and reportedly offered the woman money if she molested her own daughter and sent him photos of it. Too many times I’ve posted stories like this where the mother agreed to the request but thankfully, this mother went to police.  Police took over the woman’s Kik account, posed as her, and continued the conversation with Dymek.

In their exchange, Dymek, using the screen name “Big Daddy” told her that he was a “sick person” and wants to find someone “equally sick” to fulfill his fantasy of seeing a mother “play” with her child.

He also asked how much it would cost to have access to the woman’s daughter.

“I have no morals. I’m a sick perverted dude I enjoy sick things it turns me on,” he allegedly wrote.

He also allegedly offered the woman $800 to impregnate her and then they could abuse the baby together.

This is one of the few times where I’m at a loss for words. Thankfully, the mother had the courage to report this degenerate to police.

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