Indiana teen charged as adult in OfferUp murder

Indiana teen charged as adult in OfferUp murder
Dejuan Taylor

I could have sworn I posted this story before but when I checked the archives I found similar stories but not this one.

Anyway, 16-year-old Dejuan Taylor of Indianapolis has been charged as an adult in botched OfferUp robbery that turned into a murder. The victim was 16-year-old Elijah Taylor who was not related to Dejuan Taylor.

Both Taylors were allegedly involved in trying to rob someone of a Playstation 4 that was advertised for sale on mobile marketplace app OfferUp. Sometime during the robbery, shots started flying and Elijah Taylor was left dead. It’s unknown who the actual shooter was. What is known is that Elijah Taylor was unarmed at the time.

Dejuan Taylor has been charged with felony murder which means he participated in the crime but he didn’t necessarily fire the fatal shot.

Again, if you’re buying or selling something on an app like OfferUp or even some of the more traditional online marketplaces, make the meeting at your local police department. While even that isn’t a 100% guarantee of safety, it does go a long way in discouraging criminal activity from happening during the transaction. If someone wants them to meet you at a private residence, don’t go as that’s the most opportune location for a robbery to happen.

FOX 59
The Indy Channel

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