Was a MD craigslist creeper offering sex for rent to a minor?

Was a MD craigslist creeper offering sex for rent to a minor?
Lester E. Testerman

60-year-old Lester E. Testerman of Westminster, Maryland was recently arrested for allegedly soliciting a minor for sex on craigslist. The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office was reportedly investigating craigslist ads that had the word ‘young’ in them. One ad, in particular, seemed to be offering a rent-free place to live to a young girl.

The Sheriff’s Office responded to the ad posing as a 14-year-old girl. Mr. Testerman was said to have allegedly sent explicit messages and images to the Sheriff’s Deputy and solicited sex from who he thought was a minor female.

Do you know why the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office monitors their local craigslist for creeps like this? Because craigslist refuses to do it themselves. Even with all the supposed ‘adult’ sections removed, except missed connections, craigslist still refuses to review their own ads for illegal content.

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