Florida man accused of ‘having sex’ with minor he met on Snapchat

Florida man accused of 'having sex' with minor he met on Snapchat
Anthony Nave

Usually, I only deal with Snapchat creeps when they’re in some position of authority since anecdotally that’s where they seem to groom their victims. However, I couldn’t pass up this article from Winter Springs, Florida.

19-year-old Anthony Nave was arrested for ‘having sex’ with a minor girl that he met on Snapchat. The only indication of how old the victim was that she was somewhere between 12 and 16. Nave allegedly met the girl through Snapchat.

It just saddens me to see how nonchalant the media have gotten when it comes to online predators. It’s just become all matter of fact. I don’t think the victim, in this case, thinks the story is so unimportant.

Nave left the victim in the park of the Trinity Bay subdivision. The victim walked to the gas station and called the Sheriff’s Office for help.

There’s not much that’s sadder to hear.

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