Mich. guy hits the Kik kreeper trifecta

Mich. guy hits the Kik kreeper trifecta
Richard Schmeling

I often seem to joke about how the mobile messaging app Kik is overrun with sex offenderspedophiles, and child porn collectors. Granted it may be dark humor, but it underlies a serious problem the app has that little is being done about.

For example, let’s take Richard Schmeling of Wyoming, Michigan. Schmeling is a registered sex offender who pleaded guilty to spying on an unclothed person and capturing photos of them in 2013. He was more recently arrested for allegedly sending child porn to an FBI agent on Kik. He allegedly told the agent that this was a girl he had been abusing for years. When federal agents executed a search warrant on Schmeling’s home, his wife told them that the girl in the photos was a family member. So, Schmeling reportedly fulfills all three categories of Kik kreepers.

I always post those three links in any story about Kik because they are worth reading. Not for what I have to say but for the fact that admitted pedophiles and sex offenders have said that Kik is well-known within their ‘industry’.

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