Facebook fiend found in room of NC Teen

Facebook fiend found in room of NC Teen
Alejandro Cabrera Hernandez

24-year-old Alejandro Cabrera Hernandez, of Frederick, Maryland, is said to have made the 300 mile 5 hour trip to Goldsboro, North Carolina to ‘have sex’ with a 15-year-old girl he had been in contact with on Facebook. Hernandez was arrested by local deputies after the girl’s mother reported a strange man in her home. He was allegedly found in the girl’s bedroom.

When Facebook first hit the scene while MySpace was still a thing, I used to say that just because Facebook isn’t the dumpster fire that MySpace is doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check your kid’s activity on Facebook. Now that Facebook is an even bigger dumpster fire than MySpace ever was, you definitely need to keep an eye on your kid’s Facebook activity. Unless you want to find a creep like this in your kids’ bedroom.

Just because many of the younger generations have left Facebook for other platforms doesn’t mean they’ve stopped using it altogether.

Mount Olive Tribune
CBS 17

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