Hey kid, want to meet me down at the Dollar General for some Juuls?

Hey kid, want to meet me down at the Dollar General for some Juuls?

46-year-old Michael O’Neal Fowler Jr. of Clay Township, Ohio was recently arrested for allegedly soliciting four middle school kids who he met at a New Year’s Eve party. As reprehensible as that may be that’s not why Fowler finds himself here on these pages today.  Instead, it’s from a previous arrest Fowler had back in May. At the time, strange things were afoot at the Circ…I mean Dollar General.

Back then, Fowler was arrested for allegedly soliciting a 13-year-old girl through Snapchat. Using the screen name of ‘MofoMike’ Fowler allegedly promised the girl some Juuls if she met him in the Dollar General parking lot. He is also said to have told the girl that if her mother took her phone, he would provide her with another one.

Instead of meeting the girl, he was met by local police. They say that Fowler was in possession of

…38 zip ties, a pill bottle of Viagra, a sex toy, “a marijuana cigarette,” a bottle of CIROC red berry alcohol and a bottle of Crown Royal Vanilla.

Obviously, a hopeless romantic and totally not a sociopathic predator.

The point is if you’re not keeping an eye on your kid’s Snapchat activity, someone like this will.

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