Grandfather of Colegio Cervantes school shooter arrested on gun charges

Grandfather of Colegio Cervantes school shooter arrested on gun charges

In this past Friday’s school shooting at the Colegio Cervantes in Torreón, Mexico, 11-year-old José Ángel Ramos was said to be armed with two Glock handguns. It was suspected that these guns were obtained from his grandfather. That suspicion appears to be correct as Ramos’ grandfather has been arrested. Police in Torreón say that the guns belonged to the man only identified as 58-year-old José Ángel N. He has been charged with homicide by omission.

The Torreón Attorney General had this to say…

“We’re attributing the homicide of the teacher to this person . . .” for omissive conduct and negligence, Márquez said.

Not surprisingly, Ramos’ grandfather did not have permits to own the guns.

A lot of people in America look down their noses at Mexico but at least they’re arresting someone who allowed guns to fall into the hands of a school shooter.  He’s looking at a potential prison sentence of 35-years.

However, one thing bothers me about the investigation or at least the way the media is portraying it.

The investigation revealed an absence of values in the child’s home environment, which contained a number of items that encourage violence, Coahuila Attorney General Gerardo Márquez Guevara said, including several video games with violent content, as well as some war toys and air pistols.

Outside of the absence of values, none of these things makes a school shooter. But do you know what can stop a school shooter? Not leaving guns lying around the house.

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