11-year-old Colegio Cervantes school shooter came from family of crime

11-year-old Colegio Cervantes school shooter came from family of crime

While authorities in Mexico were first speculating that video games were behind the school shooting at Colegio Cervantes, it more than likely a family history of violence had more to do with it.

Reports are saying that the 11-year-old shooter, José Ángel Ramos, comes from a family with a history of crime and violence. The shooter’s father is in a US prison for drug trafficking. Whether he’s a member of one the infamous cartels remains to be seen. His mother is said to have died after having her throat slit.

His grandfather, who is said to have owned the guns used in the attack, is under investigation for money laundering along with the grandmother. Speaking of guns, the two Glock handguns used in the attack are banned in Mexico.

While this explains how the shooter could have violent tendencies after no history of behavioral issues in school, this doesn’t explain the cause of the shooting.

Again, it’s my opinion that this was nothing more than a Columbine copycat shooting since the shooter was dressed almost identically to Eric Harris of the Columbine shootings. I expect any day now that we’ll find out that not only did the shooter heavily research Columbine but that he was probably involved in online Columbiner groups.

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