Grandfather of Colegio Cervantes shooter has $6 million seized

Grandfather of Colegio Cervantes shooter has $6 million seized

The grandparents of the 11-year-old Colegio Cervantes shooter, José Ángel Ramos, have been identified. They are said to be José Ángel Ramos Saucedo and Rebecca Jiménez. If you’ll recall, the guns Ramos used in the shooting were two Glock handguns that he obtained from his grandfather. These guns are banned in Mexico and Ramos Saucedo has been charged with homicide by omission. The guns were allegedly obtained illegally by Ramos Saucedo.

It’s also believed that both grandparents are allegedly involved in money laundering. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Mexican government has frozen $6 million in various bank accounts belonging to the grandparents.  Over the past two years, Ramos Saucedo and Jiménez are said to have purchased three BMWs, three Jeep Cherokees, and three luxury trucks. He’s also accused of sending several money transfers to the United States.

What does any of this have to do with a school shooting? Well, school shootings tend to be reflections of what’s going on in the home. So if the home is one filled with violent criminals, you can imagine why the kid had so much disregard for human life. But you know, keep beating that video game horse.

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