A tale of two Snapchat kidnappings

A tale of two Snapchat kidnappings
Limon, Trejo, and Galvan

Recently, a story came out about a 14-year-old California girl who was able to use Snapchat to notify her friends she had been kidnapped and sexually assaulted by three men. While her story was horrific, it showed that social media can be used for good.

However, there will always be that dark side to social media, especially when it comes to Snapchat. A different minor girl was allegedly kidnapped after she met a man on Snapchat. That man was said to be 22-year-old Irving Galvan of Chino Hills, California. The girl was found in Galvan’s home. Galvan was said to have a partner in 21-year-old Encino Limon. Galvan and Limon are suspected to have worked together to lure the girl to Galvan’s home. Both me have been charged with sexual assault. A third man not involved with the alleged kidnapping was also arrested. 25-year-old Eric Trejo allegedly tried to contact the girl for sex. He was charged with suspicion of contacting a minor with intent to commit a sexual offense.

Just because a platform is popular with kids doesn’t mean it’s safe and it doesn’t mean that Snapchat is looking out for your kids. You may trust your kids online, but do you trust every scumbag who is also online looking to take advantage of them.

Thanks to Hacker News Cookie for the tip.

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