Convicted murderer now a suspected craigslist creep

Convicted murderer now a suspected craigslist creep
Richard Logsdon

52-year-old Richard Logsdon was convicted in 2004 of second-degree murder in Hillsborough County, Florida. He was released from prison in 2016. He might be returning to prison again after his latest charge.

Police in Ocala, Florida say that Lodgson responded to a craigslist ad posted by police where they posed as a 13 or 14-year-old girl depending on which report you read. Lodgson allegedly asked the girl for sex and explicit photos even after knowing her age.

These conversations took place during November of 2018, well after craigslist had removed its personals section. This leads me to believe that the ad posted by police as in the ‘missed encounters’ section where all the craigslist creeps seem to have migrated to.

The point is, craigslist still has some clean up to do that they won’t do anything about unless forced by legislation.


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