Corrections officer was ‘conducting sting’ when he assaulted Snapchat girl

Corrections officer was 'conducting sting' when he assaulted Snapchat girl
Khurtis Maasch

I’ve mentioned in the past how I used to a fan of the ‘To Catch a Predator’ series that used to be on NBC Dateline. My favorite parts were the excuses the suspects used to give after Chris Hansen asked them to have a seat. While Chris Hansen may not be involved, this alleged excuse may just take the proverbial cake.

31-year-old Khurtis Maasch was a corrections officer for the state of Colorado. He allegedly posed as an 18-year-old named Jax on Snapchat to talk to a 14-year-old girl that supposedly popped up in his feed. They ‘had sex’ (child rape) on multiple occasions. When the girl became suspect of Maasch’s age she told her parents who got the Fountain, Colorado police involved. While police were interviewing the girl Maasch allegedly messaged the girl…

While one detective was interviewing the girl, Maasch sent another message and tried to convince her to agree to anal sex in the backseat of his SUV.

Cue the Mallrats jokes…

Posing as the girl, local police set up a meeting with Maasch. At the time of his arrest, he is said to have told police that he was only there “because he wanted to ‘do a sting’ to teach parents and their teens the dangers of sexual predators.”

Was he going to teach the parents this lesson before or after he assaulted the girl?

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