Long Island police release evidence in Gilgo Beach murders

Long Island police release evidence in Gilgo Beach murders
The belt believed to have been used by the killer

I normally do not write about serial killers. I tend to find that the people who are into serial killer stories are a little bit too into them if you know what I mean. However, for the Gilgo Beach murders, I’ll make an exception.

Long story short, the remains of 10 people, mostly women, were found near the Gilgo Beach area on Long Island in Suffolk, County. One of the women they found was Megan Waterman who I wrote about on this site. Back in 2010, she was working as an escort on craigslist when she disappeared. She had a 3-year-old daughter at home. Her body wasn’t found or identified until months later. Along with her body were the remains of others who had worked as craigslist escorts. To this day, no one has been charged with their murders.

More recently, the Suffolk County police released evidence to the public in hopes of finding the killer. They shared pictures of a black leather belt that they believe belongs to the killer. The belt is embossed with the turquoise initials of either ‘H.M.’ or ‘W.H.’ as you can see in the image above.

Police will be launching the website GilgoNews.com where hopefully, someone will come forward with information leading to an arrest.

If craigslist had not kept its erotic/adult services section open as long as they did these victims may not have been such easy targets.

Long Island Press
WCBS 880

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