Students saw gun prior to Bellaire HS shooting

Students saw gun prior to Bellaire HS shooting

This article from ABC 13 in Houston is just a recap of the accidental shooting at Bellaire High School that left 19-year–old Cesar Cortes dead. There’s not a lot that I haven’t already discussed but buried deep down in the article there was this…

Bellaire Police Lt. Greg Bartlett said the suspect brought the gun with him to school that morning. Investigators believe multiple students saw the suspect with the gun before the shooting occurred.

I don’t know if this was the reason why but we really need to get over the whole ‘snitching’ thing. It’s one thing if you see some other kid vaping in the bathroom, it’s another when they’re carrying a gun. A gun has only one purpose and that’s to kill.

I have yet to see any reports of where the 16-year-old got the gun from.

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