Armed guard at STEM School Highlands Ranch will not face criminal charges



I guess I have some apologies to make and some crow to eat, but first a little backstory.

During last May’s school shooting at STEM School Highlands Ranch, there was an armed security guard who fired at police thinking they were one of the suspects. The bullets missed the officers but went through a classroom wall injuring two students. Due to the contract the school had with the security company, the guard was not supposed to be armed. In my zeal, I portrayed the guard as a loose cannon Jesse James-type with an itchy trigger finger. As it turns out, the guard, Shamson Sundara, is actually a hero since he was able to disarm one of the suspects. I was unaware of this fact until recently. I could blame it on the fact that the news sources I used did not report that but ultimately it’s my fault for not doing further research and for that I apologize.

Anyway, on to the heart of the matter. Sundara will not face criminal charges after reaching an agreement with the victims.  He has agreed to enter into an adult diversion program and complete 50 hours of community service.  Fourth Judicial District Attorney Dan May believes there should be no criminal charges since there were lives in imminent danger.

A few days ago, I spoke with a parent whose child attended STEM at the time of the shooting. When I asked them their opinion on the guard not receiving charges, I was given the impression that the community was largely behind Sundara.

However, having said all that, I still don’t believe that having armed civilians in our schools is the way to prevent school shootings. Not only would it put the guns closer to the hands of school shooters, but it would also put the lives of police and students in danger. The solution to guns in schools isn’t more guns. That’s like trying to cure cancer with more cancer.

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