Why you should lock down your kid’s Facebook



25-year-old Jonathan Pagan of Bridgeport, Connecticut was recently arrested for allegedly sending explicit pictures of himself to a 14-year-old girl. Pagan is said to have seen a picture of the girl wearing a party dress on Facebook. Pagan reportedly responded to this picture by telling the girl he wanted to have sex with her.

As most adult women can probably tell you, it doesn’t take much for creeps to leave unwarranted and explicit messages and comments. A lot of these creeps don’t discriminate by age. While the article is light on details, I have to wonder if the girl’s picture was posted publicly on Facebook. That means that anybody could see the picture.

My advice to parents is to review the security settings of your children’s Facebook profiles to make sure they’re posts can’t be viewed by the general public or shared with strangers. Otherwise, you’ll have random dudes (mostly) telling your kids they want to have sex with them.

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