Florida ‘Safe-School’ officers are more like Keystone Kops

Florida 'Safe-School' officers are more like Keystone Kops

Since May, Florida schools have had to notify the state when one of their ‘Safe-School’ Officers has what you might call a mishap. Now, these aren’t police officers but armed security hired by the various school districts. The South Florida Sun-Sentinel has gotten a hold of the reports of these mishaps.

One officer was practicing their draw in front of a mirror and discharged a round into the mirror thinking the gun was unloaded. Another officer pawned their service weapon and was carrying a pellet gun on duty. A female officer went into a school restroom and recorded herself naked for her husband. One more officer left his loaded service weapon inside his locked office laying in a duffle bag, There were other incidents in the Sunshine State, but you get the idea.

To make matters worse, Broward County lowered the standard requirements for these officers because they were having trouble filling the positions. This happens to be the same county that Parkland is in. Palm Beach County schools allegedly used a security company that used unqualified instructors and passed applicants that had failed their firearms training.

How long will it be before one of these barely trained ‘good guys with guns’ allows their service weapon to fall into the hands of a student? In my opinion, this is just putting guns closer to any potential school shooters that might be attending one of these Florida schools.

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