Guns found in car at Alburquerque high school, suspect released

Guns found in car at Alburquerque high school, suspect released

This past Friday, an anonymous tip led to the discovery of two Glock handguns in the car of a 16-year-old student at Atrisco Heritage Academy High School in Alburquerque, New Mexico. Two full ammunition clips were also said to be found in the car. You would think that these guns being found on school grounds would lead to a suspect being held on a rather pricey bond but no. Instead, the suspect was released into house arrest. Don’t worry though, he’s been barred from possessing any more guns and he has a 6pm curfew. I guess there’s no way he can get his hands on a gun before 6pm.

While it’s not believed that the suspect was planning a school shooting he was known to police because of Snapchat posts that allegedly showed the suspect flashing guns and firing them out of a moving vehicle. So more than likely he was probably looking to sell the guns if the Snapchats above are any indicator. That still puts two guns very close to a school and if those guns fell into different hands we could be talking about a much more tragic story.

Also, it’s a joke that the suspect was placed under partial house arrest. What is that going to accomplish? It’s obvious he has no supervision, to begin with. Just because the suspect doesn’t have a prior criminal record that doesn’t mean he’s an angel. It just means he’s never been caught.

So far there has been no mention of where the suspect got the guns. I bet there are some ‘responsible gun owners’ out there who don’t even know their coward’s toys are missing.

Alburquerque Journal

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  1. I totally agree. If that were my student I’d be sleeping less at night. And if that were my child, I’d figure out how I failed as a parent and rectify it.

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