7-year-old points loaded gun on NC school bus


Child found pistol in drawer at home.

Huntersville, North Carolina is a suburb of the city of Charlotte. It’s a pretty nice middle-class community if you can tolerate the weather.

It was two weeks ago when a 7-year-old boy took a loaded 9mm handgun on the bus. The boy allegedly pointed the gun at another boy’s head and threatened to kill him if he didn’t get out of his seat.

Yet another ‘responsible’ gun owner who failed to secure their coward’s toy. You can’t just put a loaded gun in a place you think kids won’t be able to get to. Kids that age will not hesitate to go through all of your stuff and take whatever they think is cool.

If you’re not putting a lock on the gun or keeping it in a safe, you’re just asking to have it taken. Better yet, how about not keeping a gun in the house where there are kids. That ever occur to you, Jesse James?

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