Good guy with a gun shoots co-worker in the eye

Good guy with a gun shoots coworker in the eye
Julian Antonio Suarez

55-year-old  Julian Antonio Suarez is/was a school security guard in Weston, Florida. Reportedly he was at a school where he was not authorized to be armed. However, he also worked at another school where he was authorized. At the unauthorized school, Suarez reportedly showed his gun to a co-worker in the parking lot. Somehow, the gun discharged and the co-worker was struck in the eye. I did not find word on how the co-worker was struck in the eye but considering the reports are saying they’re in stable condition I’m guessing it wasn’t a direct hit.

Suarez is then said to have taken the co-worker to the hospital before driving home. It was the hospital that contacted the local Sheriff’s Office.

This incident comes on the heels of a recently released report that listed various gun ‘mishaps’ that have happened with armed school guards in Florida.

If barely trained and undisciplined bastions of firepower like this are allowed to be armed in our schools, it’s only a matter of time before one of them ‘accidentally’ kills a student. Even if that did happen I’m sure our legislators would be cowards when it would come to regulating firearms, just like the people who carry them.

Sun Sentinel

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