Snapchat sleaze tries sending flowers to minor

Snapchat sleaze tries sending flowers to minor
Aaron Ferrell

42-year-old Aaron Ferrell was recently arrested by the Holmes County Sheriff’s Office in Florida. Ferrell allegedly was grooming a minor over Snapchat. He was caught after he went to a florist and tried sending flowers to the minor. He is said to have requested the flowers be sent anonymously with the message of “To my beauty from your beast.” click here for more snapchat stories

I don’t know why but this seems creepier than the usual creeps we get around here. Anyway, the florist tipped off local school officials who in turn got police involved.

As always, check your kids’ devices to make sure they’re not talking to creeps like this. You may trust your kids but you should also trust that some flower-sending fool will try to prey on them.

Dothan Eagle

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