Alleged rapist called in school shooting threat to try to frame his victim

Alleged rapist called in school shooting threat to try to frame his victim
Jason Salinas

This is possibly one of the most convoluted cases of witness intimidation I’ve ever posted about.

Andre the Giant’s turd up there is 20-year-old Jason Salinas of Takoma Park, Maryland. He’s accused of allegedly calling multiple threats to his former high school of John F. Kennedy High School.

Salinas is said to have used VOIP calling to try to obfuscate the origin of the calls. In one call he said that he was inside the school walking towards the assistant principal’s office where he was going to shoot her and security staff. The second threat said that he was across the street from the school at a bus stop and was about to start shooting.

Here’s the thing. Salinas reportedly wasn’t planning any actual shooting. Instead, on the calls, he was posing as an autistic woman who he’s accused of sexually assaulting in 2017 and 2018. Police were able to rule the woman out as a suspect and were able to use Salinas’ IP address to track him down. He already had warrants out for his arrest on the rape charges.

I can only assume that this was some feeble attempt to frame his victim for a school shooting threat thinking he could avoid the rape charges if his victim was in jail. In reality, he’s just another idiot who thinks he’s smarter than the cops.

CBS Baltimore
Bethesda Magazine

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