Florida man leaves kids at home to meet minor for sex

Florida man leaves kids at home to meet minor for sex
Robert Michael Berry

Late last month, 37-year-old Robert Michael Berry of St. Petersburg, Florida was arrested for allegedly trying to meet a minor for sex over the social networking app Skout. Skout’s parent company also owns the equally questionable dating app MeetMe.


Luckily, the 14-year-old girl he thought he was meeting for sex was actually an undercover detective and Berry was arrested at a Holiday Inn. I’m guessing it wasn’t a Holiday Inn Express because he didn’t STAY SMART.

But wait, as they say, there’s more. While Berry was off galavanting at the Holiday Inn. his three kids were home alone. Their ages are 4, 5, and 7-years-old. So not only has Berry been charged with traveling to meet a minor but he’s also been charged with three counts of child neglect. Luckily, the kids were unharmed.

I hope the kids have another parent or relative in their lives because I’d hate to see them lose a home just because dad wanted to diddle a teenager.

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