Snapchat sleaze kept baggies of victim’s hair

Snapchat sleaze kept baggies of victim's hair
John DiGeronimo

Get your puke buckets, mind bleach, and chemical showers handy, we’re in for a rough one.

59-year-old John DiGeronimo of Alexandria, Virginia, is accused of leaving sexually explicit photos of a 16-year-old girl at the girl’s home, the girl’s boyfriend’s home, and in front of the girl’s high school. Why would he do this? It seems that DiGeronimo was in a ‘sexual relationship’, or what I call child rape, with the girl who he met on Snapchat and began having a sexual ‘relationship’ with her in 2018. So at ‘best’, the victim was 14 when the ‘relationship’ started and at worst was 15. Age of consent in the victim’s state is 16 but we’ll get into that in a little bit. The victim reportedly dumped DiGeronimo this past January and this was his revenge. Creepy AF as the kids say but the creep factor only gets worse from here.

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The victim lives in York County, South Carolina. That’s a 400+ mile trip that can take over six hours by the way. DiGeronimo would make this trip to the girl’s home to have their ‘relationship’ in a tent. While they were having their ‘relationship’, DiGeronimo would record the activities to his phone. He is also said to have bought the victim gifts of jewelry and sex toys.

While police were investigating it was discovered that someone had broken into the victim’s home recently and took all the gifts that DiGeronimo had given the victim.  Investigators were able to track DiGeronimo’s IP address from Snapchat to his home in Virginia. Investigators there found…You know what? I’ll just quote the Alexandria news report about what they found…

A search of DiGeronimo’s apartment yielded a bag with sex items, ziplock baggies with hair labeled in the name of the victim, letters and cards, journal entries, photos and notes.

Baggies of hair? What the actual fuck? This is serial killer levels of abnormality. The victim is lucky that she wasn’t found in a shallow grave somewhere.

Parents, I beg of you, have that talk with your kids about predators on the internet. You may trust your kid but these predators have tricks on tricks on tricks to get your kid to betray that trust. Check their devices. Question who their friends are. It’s not about trust but about the safety of your kids. It’s more beneficial for everyone involved for you to be the safe parent rather than the ‘cool’ parent.

Rock Hill Herald

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