Kik kreeper with ‘diaper fetish’ sent to prison

Kik kreeper with 'diaper fetish' sent to prison
Not the actual guy but I thought it was apropos for today’s climate.

I’ve posted about guys with diaper fetishes before.  These were guys who pretended to be disabled so they could get care workers to change their adult diapers. This post is about someone diaper fetish was even more disturbing than that since no adults were involved.Click here for more stories about Kik

29-year-old Ryan Antrim of Salisbury Township, Pennsylvania was recently sentenced to 20 years in federal prison on child porn charges. He was found to have almost 200 images and videos of child porn on his phone. As you might expect, Antrim used the mobile messaging app Kik. In case you haven’t heard by now, Kik is chock full of sex offenderspedophiles, and child porn collectors.

As you can probably imagine, Antrim’s diaper fetish really had little to do with consenting adults. An Assistant U.S. Attorney had this to say about Antrim

“Antrim specifically has a fetish with diapers,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Sherri Stephan wrote. “This includes wearing diapers and diapers being depicted in his sexual abuse images. His collection is nothing short of horrifying, containing young babies and toddlers being sexually abused.”

Sadly, this a common occurrence on Kik. There are countless chat rooms on Kik that are dedicated to child porn that aren’t hurting for users. Yet Kik seems to be unwilling to take any action about the amount of child porn that is being traded through their platform. It reminds me of the Yahoo Messenger of old that finally had to do away with chat rooms altogether in order to get a handle on all the predators and child porn.

Back in the heyday of MySpace, lawmakers were laser-focused on the predators that were on MySpace because MySpace was the be-all and end-all of social media at the time. Now that there are more social platforms than you can shake a stick at they’ve all seem to have forgotten about online predators. They didn’t just go away because MySpace fell out of favor. They’ve just found new dark corners of the internet to infest and Kik is the darkest of those corners.

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