Snapchat sleaze accused of offering vape pods to minors for sex

Snapchat sleaze accused of offering vape pods to minors for sex
Seth Nieters

To be honest, when I first read this story I thought it was a repeat. It turns out that it isn’t.

Anyway, 20-year-old Seth Nieters of st. Charles, Missouri has been charged with first-degree sodomy/attempted sodomy, child molestation, rape/attempted rape and attempted sodomy. Nieters allegedly promised vape pods to two underage girls in exchange for sex. According to one of the victims, Nieters was well known at their middle school for selling vape pods to kids or offering them in exchange for sex.

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Nieters is said to have posed as a 16-year-old on Snapchat where he offered to sell the vape pods. This is in addition to previous charges where Nieters is accused of allegedly ‘having sex” (child rape) with two 13-year-old girls. He’s also accused of sending a picture of a gun to one of his victims on Snapchat saying that he would kill himself if she did not have sex with him.

Nieters’ defense is that he ‘accidentally’ sent explicit photos of himself to his victims and that asking for sex in exchange for vape pods were just a joke.

While the article doesn’t state it, I wonder if Nieters was selling black-market THC vape pods. Maybe it was just the time I grew up in when cigarettes were readily available but I just don’t see kids giving it up for plain old Juul pods.

Regardless, if you’re a parent of a teen, you should absolutely be keeping an eye on who your kids are chatting with online. It’s not a matter of trust but one of safety.

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