Man accused of using craigslist job ad to commit sexual assault

Man accused of using craigslist job ad to commit sexual assault
Kenneth Wayne Cloud

67-year-old Kenneth Wayne Cloud was arrested by police in San Antonio, Texas late last month. Cloud allegedly placed an ad on craigslist advertising a job opening at his roofing company. According to police, a woman responded to the ad and was sexually assaulted during the ‘interview’.

According to the employee who does the actual hiring at the company, there were no current job openings and they were unaware of the craigslist ad being placed. Police believe Cloud may have had other victims as well.

The San Antonio Police Department Special Victim’s Unit is asking anyone who may be a victim to call 210-207-2313.

This isn’t the first time I’ve heard of craigslist job ads being used as an avenue to sexual assault. While I haven’t heard of one in a long time since craigslist became less lawless that doesn’t mean it’s still not happening frequently. I wouldn’t be surprised if more instances of this happened since many people have been laid off during the current COVID pandemic.

Just because a job ad is on a website like craigslist, that doesn’t automatically make it legitimate. No job, real or imagined, is worth becoming a victim.


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