More disturbing details in the arrest of Alberto Del Rio

Jose A. Rodriguez Chucuan aka Alberto Del Rio

I originally posted about the arrest of pro-wrestler Alberto Del Rio, real name Jose A. Rodriguez Chucuan, here. He’s been accused of allegedly sexually assaulting a woman in San Antonio, Texas, and threatening to take her son and  “drop him off in the middle of the road somewhere.” The term sexual assault is an understatement if the victim’s claims are to be believed as Del Rio is also accused of striking the woman repeatedly and sexually assaulting her for several hours using ‘various objects’. Investigators have said that the victim had visible injuries. However, it gets even worse.

According to TMZ, Del Rio allegedly destroyed her cell phone and laptop and tried to burn her passport. This is something that human traffickers do to keep their victims under their control. I’m not saying Del Rio is trafficking this woman. I’m just pointing out the level of depravity that Del Rio has supposedly sunk to. The victim also only speaks Spanish and says that she is looking to leave the San Antonio area because she is afraid of Del Rio.

As I said in my previous post, Del Rio is no stranger to controversy and erratic behavior. Even in pro-wrestling circles, he’s considered a real-life loose cannon.

I hope the threat of defaulting on his $50,000 bond is enough of a deterrent to keep him from violating the terms of his release.

(H/T to PWInsider)

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