Kik kreeper charged with trying to buy a child to ‘groom to be a lover’

Kik kreeper charged with trying to buy a child to 'groom to be a lover'
Jeremy Campbell

This past week, 42-year-old Jeremy Campbell of Little Rock, Arkansas was indicted on charges of trying to purchase a child and various child porn charges. For the full story, I recommend reading the full article from the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette but I’ll bring you the lowlights.

Campbell allegedly used the mobile messaging app Kik to try to “rent or adopt a child and would pay $500 so he could ‘groom’ the child to ‘be a lover.'” Kik itself, which is usually a haven to sex offenderspedophiles, and child porn collectors, even notified the NCMEC that Campbell was allegedly sharing child porn over Kik.

Campbell previously did time in 2004 for pleading guilty to committing lewd or indecent acts with a child, And to top it all off, he was arrested back in March on burglary and harassment charges after supposedly “walking into a neighbor’s house, picking up her child and kissing her.” 

Campbell is said to have admitted to viewing child porn and creating the Kik account but denies trying to buy a child.

Are there any Kik users out there that aren’t pedophiles, sex offenders, or child porn collectors? If you use Kik for any other reason, please let me know. I might be biased because I’m looking at Kik through a particular lens but when sex offenders and pedophiles are admitting that Kik is their platform of choice you can see why.

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