Why I’m not surprised #DylanWasFramed was trending

Why I'm not surprised #DylanWasFramed was trending
The cowardly guns of Columbine

I woke up this morning and saw the hashtag #DylanWasFramed. I immediately knew who the hashtag was in reference to. Apparently, somebody on Twitter decided that it was a good idea to spread the conspiracy theory that Columbine coward Dylan Klebold was set up to look like a killer by his craven cohort Eric Harris.

Like any other flashpoint in history, Columbine is surrounded by myths and conspiracy theories like those who claim that there was a third shooter or it was actually the police who did all the shooting at Columbine. Another conspiracy theory is that Klebold was just along for the ride and Eric Harris was the only killer.

In my opinion, this theory stems from the fact that in the minds of columbiners, Klebold is seen as the more sympathetic of the pair. This was born out of when the Columbine journals were made public and Klebold often lamented the fact that he couldn’t get a girlfriend.

This theory may also stem from another conspiracy theory that claims Klebold didn’t commit suicide after the shootings but was instead shot and killed by Harris. The theory claims that since Harris shot himself under his chin and Klebold was shot in the temple that Harris killed Klebold before taking his own life.

My guess is that #DylanWasFramed started trending because someone recently fell into the columbiner rabbit hole and decided now was the time to proclaim their recent discovery on Twitter. Sadly, this has been a recurring occurrence online since April 20th, 1999. Unfortunately, this will continue to happen. Every once in a while, someone will post some kind of pro-Columbine message to social media and we’ll all act surprised again.

The only thing that really surprises me about this is the timing. Things like this tend to pop up around the anniversary of Columbine or one of the cowards’ birthdays. Maybe since faith in the police is at an all-time low, someone decided to question the official story of what happened at Columbine. The problem with that is there is more than ample evidence to disprove all of these theories.

Then again, when you’re dealing with conspiracy theorists of any type, you can’t really argue facts with them.

3 thoughts on “Why I’m not surprised #DylanWasFramed was trending”

  1. Eric was thought to have killed himself first. Dylan threw a molotov cocktail, then shot himself. His gurgling was heard by Patrick Ireland who lay injured nearby


  2. I do think Dylan had a different personality from Dylan. Yet, at a time like this we should be careful given people like to troll the Internett with false news


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