White House man charged with being a Kik kollector

White House man charged with being a Kik kollector
Brady Clark

As I always say, mobile messaging app Kik is infested with sex offenderspedophiles, and child porn collectors. Here we have a story about one of those in the collector category.

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45-year-old Brady Clark of White House, Tennessee has been arrested for allegedly sharing child porn on Kik. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation had received a tip from the NCMEC that a Kik user with the screen name of ‘Sexybrandybio’ had allegedly uploaded close to two dozen child porn files on Kik. Some of the files were videos of children as young as five. No word on whether the NCMEC received the tip from Kik itself. Their record tends to be spotty when it comes to that.

Some of these collectors don’t just use Kik to share among themselves. Many have used Kik as a way to groom children into taking the images and videos themselves. Not to go all ‘Ok Bommer’ on Kik (especially considering I’m a Gen-Xer) but if I still had kids that we’re teens or younger there would be no way I would allow them to use Kik on any of their devices. Not until Kik either cleans up their platform, which is doubtful, or the child in question is smart and mature enough to know how to avoid predators like this. In some kids’ cases, that may not be until they’re at least 18.

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