NH police arrest two in craigslist stings

The police of Lebanon, New Hampshire (pop: 13,602) have arrested two men during two separate craigslist stings.

NH police arrest two in craigslist stings
Richard Hill

First up is 42-year-old Richard Hill of Cornish, New Hampshire. He was arrested in the beginning of May after Lebanon police placed a craigslist ad posing as a 15-year-old girl. Hill was said to have allegedly responded to the ad with sexually explicit messages and started to arrange a meeting for sex. Hill was arrested at the meeting place outside of a grocery store. I would have guessed it would have been a Cumberland Farms but according to their website there isn’t one in Lebanon, but I digress.

David Farnham

The following week, Lebanon police posted a craigslist ad posing as a father who was selling his 15-year-old daughter for sex. 64-year-old David Farnham of Randolph Center, Vermont was also said to have allegedly responded to the ad with explicit sexual messages. He arranged to pay $200 for the girl. Farnham was arrested with $2000 on him.

While Lebanon may not be the big city, it does show that predators are still trolling the pages of craigslist looking for victims. Even though most of the adult sections of craigslist have been shut down, ads like this still exist on the missed connections section of craigslist. It’s like craigslist almost made it to he goal line of keeping creepers off of their site and just gave up.

Two Upper Valley men arrested in undercover underage sex sting
Men Charged with Attempted Sexual Assault

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