Michigan man charged with assaulting infant and sharing it on Kik

Michigan man charged with assaulting infant and sharing it on Kik

Whenever I post a story about mobile messaging app Kik, I always have to mention that the app is full of sex offenderspedophiles, and child porn collectors. Today, we have the not so rare specimen who checks all three boxes.

John D. Lewis, of Allen Park, Michigan, age unknown, has been charged with sexually assaulting a six-month-old infant in Toledo, Ohio. The infant was said to be his friend’s child and Lewis is accused of allegedly assaulting the infant while the baby’s mother was still at home. He is then said to have shared images of the assault on Kik in one of its many child porn trading groups while using the screen name ‘chancebandet’.  Lewis is even believed to have even bragged about the assault on Kik.

Lewis was arrested by Homeland Security and reportedly confessed to everything even telling investigators that the victims in the child porn he shared were as young as babies.

He is even said to have given a handwritten apology to the infant’s parents…

“I am writing this letter to inform you and apologize to you of a terrible act I committed [your infant] had been sexually abused by me. I then took pictures and videos [of them] and shared on social media.”

Now, while Lewis is facing federal child porn charges, it appears that he’s not exactly rotting in a cell currently. According to the Toledo Blade article I linked to, Lewis has been ordered to avoid contact with his victim’s family. Detroit to Toledo is only about an hour’s drive. I sincerely hope that other safeguards were put in place to prevent Lewis from either fleeing or offending again.

I’d also like to know why no news outlet, to my knowledge, is asking Kik why they have such a huge child porn problem? Then ask them why aren’t they doing anything about it? I have a feeling we’d get some lip service answer like “We are often assisting law enforcement with their investigations,” while not owning up to the fact that they’re part of the problem.


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