Woman asked for nude pics in craigslist puppy scam

Woman asked for nude pics in craigslist puppy scam

It’s been a long time since I last talked about a craigslist scam on this site. I sort of do that for a living now on another site. However, that site is family-friendly and I wouldn’t normally discuss such salacious things over there. However, I still feel the need to bring attention to this particular scam.

If you’re looking to add a puppy to your life that’s great, just don’t ever use craigslist. The puppy scam can take one of two forms. You’ll either end up paying some backyard breeder a discount rate for a puppy that’s probably terminally ill, or you’ll pay money to a scammer and the puppy doesn’t actually exist.

In this instance it’s the latter as a woman from Florida was looking to get a German Shepherd puppy on craigslist. She sent the money through PayPal but no puppy.

Now normally after getting your money the scammer will either disappear or they will try to get more money out of you for things like shipping fees, special crates, or insurance. In this case, when the woman kept texting the scammers looking to get her money back the scammer said they would send her back $200 if she sent them nude pics. I can honestly say that’s the first time I’ve ever heard about a nude pics request used in a puppy scam.

I guess on craigslist, even the scammers are perverts.

If you’re going to adopt a dog, don’t be lured in by the cheap prices on craigslist. Either go to a licensed local breeder if you’re looking for a specific breed or adopt from your local shelter.

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