‘hotjosh5’ charged with being a Kik kreeper

'hotjosh5' charged with being a Kik kreeper
Joshua M. Sherlock

31-year-old Joshua M. Sherlock of Port Royal, Pennsylvania has been recently arrested for allegedly sharing explicit pictures with a 13-year-old boy over mobile messaging app Kik.

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Using the screen name of ‘hotjosh5’, Sherlock is said to have had explicit sexual conversations with the boy in 2017.  The pair were said to have exchanged sexually explicit photos with Sherlock telling the boy what he wanted. When the boy first told Sherlock his age, Sherlock immediately requested a shirtless pic. Sherlock also reportedly told the boy that he had no problem with his age.

Here’s the thing with this story. The boy was the one who reached out to Sherlock on Kik. He also allegedly reached out to other men on Kik as well. Let me emphatically state, this does not absolve Sherlock in any way, shape, or form. Sherlock could have just as easily turned the boy away when he founds out he was 13.

However, this does show that no 13-year-old needs to be on Kik since it’s rife with sex offenderspedophiles, and child porn collectors.

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