Drunk teacher accused of Snapchatting teens


27-year-old Jordan M. Kochevar of Chisholm, Minnesota was recently charged with four felonies after allegedly sending explicit images of himself to four teens on Snapchat. Kochevar was a teacher at a nearby elementary school.

According to the criminal complaint filed Friday, Kochevar sent videos on June 15 of “a bare-chested male lowering the camera to his boxer shorts. The male then lowers his boxer shorts.”

The video was sent to four teens ages 14 and 15.

Kochevar was said to have told police that he was intoxicated when he sent the videos. I bet that’s not the only reason why.

A Snapchat user can only receive Snaps from other users is if that user is on their friends list. Unless their privacy settings are set to public, then they can receive Snaps from anyone. So you may want to check the privacy settings on your kid’s Snapchat account. It may also be a good time to review who is on their friends list. You never know when a predator may be lurking on their phone.

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